Starting Out (Part 1)

These are my thoughts on beginning your path to happiness and fulfillment and in what order it is best to do things.

PART 1- Base Habits

1. Sleep
If you more than mildly depressed then it is almost a certainty that your habits have fallen apart. The FIRST thing to do is to formulate
a sleep schedule(Same time sleep and rise every day ideally!) and STICK TO IT. Give yourself 10 hours of sleep a night, do not stay up! If you suffer from insomnia this can be cured by
A. Not using your bedroom for anything but sleeping(Especially TV/Computer!) B. Not using electronics or looking at screens for at least 1 hour before sleeping
C. Taking melatonin (during sleep schedule reset) D. Changing you room’s color. <=This is actually VERY important. I had my bedroom painted a deep ocean blue because it promotes sleep.  If your bedroom is purple think seriously about changing it.
E. Playing the most relaxing music you can find. A good example:

F: Keep you room as dark as possible! By far the most important.

2. Diet
This would take several posts to go over in full but I’ll give you the need-to-know.
The essentials: 0.6-0.8 grams protein per lb of body weight. However many complex carbs you need for energy/ enhanced willpower(Bananas and Sweet Potatoes are best options. Likely around 150 grams a day)
DO NOT fear saturated fat and cholesterol. It makes testosterone!
*Cut out all processed crap, simple carbs, and sugar.
Eat as much fat as you need to feel full.
Eat as many vegetables as is comfortable, but don’t force yourself to eat a ton or you might just stop entirely (Also- nothing wrong with adding butter and cheese to veggies!)
If you are trying to lose weight do not cut more than 15 percent of calories- you will lose muscle.
If you are cutting AT ALL it is vital to lift weights as it stops muscle loss, until you lose to fast or get too thin.
If you want to gain muscle and you aren’t fat ADD CALORIES before doing anything else.

Take good quality vitamins. This deserves another post on its own, but for now I’ll say this:
take “Doc’s Best” by Dr Ron’s supplements. All the forms are the best and it covers all the big stuff except vitamin D.
Take the full 6 a day dose(Spaced out 1 every couple hours) and I PROMISE your mood will be a fourth better(Ive tried so much shit that “Placebo effect” isn’t this!

The only other supplements I think are pretty much essential for depression/ mood control would be 10 thousand IU vitamin D3, Turmeric root(SO GOOD!), and a probiotic.
(iodine as well if you are very low energy. Start SMALL if you do take it.)

3. Exercise
Weights and Cardio. If you HAVE to pick one, do weights. In fact, start that way for the first month besides easy cardio+ trying to stand as much as possible.

Example plan- What I do right now! :

Mon/Thurs- Cardio: 20 Min HIIT(interval training). 5 min warm-up. 1 min all-out sprint. 5 min moderate pace. Then repeat. 5 min cool-down.

Weights- 1. Chest press(It’s dumbbells instead of a bar so that both arms work equally)

2. Tricep Extension(Lying) 3. Bicep Curl 4. Forearm curl

Tues/Fri- Cardio: Walk (A mile minimum)

Weights: 1. Pull downs 2. Hyperextensions 3. Dumbbell side raise 4. Neutral grip shoulder presses.

Wed/Sat- Cardio: Walk 1 mile or more.

Weights- 1. Weighted balance lunge 2. Squats 3. Calf Raise 4. Hamstring Curls

Sunday- Only cardio: At least 3 miles of walking.

^This is as simple as a weight plan gets, and it WORKS! I left the sets/reps/ and weights for the exercises out as that will depend on your goals and starting strength.

With that I’ll wrap this post up. There is some seriously powerful info here all you have to do is use it!!!



  1. It is good to get these basal things down, and I am mostly there. Sleep wise, I get up at 5 am everyday. Painting my room a darker color seems like a great idea to improve sleep. My room is currently a peachy color that makes the room bright. Pillows/temperature also seem to be vital.

    Playing the most relaxing music you can find => this soundtrack is amazing! Do you have a playlist of these?

    Suppplements/workout: I take a multivitamin, 5k vit d, magnesium, zinc, b3, flaxseed oil (sometimes fish oil) along w/ protein and creatine. Will add the tumeric. Also have a solid workout plan. Food wise, I think I will add in sweet potato and bananas. My diet is pretty clean sans diet soda.

    > The vision should be for the simple existence of our people in happiness, especially SPIRITUAL happiness. Wife and kids, neighbors you trust, architecture that breathes humanity, obesity and materialism/hedonism gone, faith in God!
    People can flesh it out as they like but the things above are what we all really want.

    I think a lot of depressed/anxious people literally have nothing to look forward to in their lives. And they aren’t delusional. Modernity has left most depraved spiritually and without community nor strong family ties. The opioid epedemic didn’t just spontaneously start for no reason.

    I think finding a purpose and friendship is just as vital as getting sleep/exercise/diet right. You need something to look forward too. To fight for.

    Anyways, another great post! Im not as lost as I imagined. Just need to keep building the confidence up and staying positive.

    Also, trying to think of my first blog post. Have some ideas on daily planning.

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    1. >Relaxing music playlist
      This channel has some good ones.
      IMO its best to find one you really like then stick with it as your body will instantly become sleepy when hearing it through habit.
      > Diet soda.
      Globohomo aspartame bombs that kill neurons. You probably know that but just fyi
      >Nothing to look forward to, no purpose
      Maybe I am insane, but facing the most obviously evil force in human history gives me as definite a purpose as a man could ever ask for. Normies don’t have the privilege of easily understanding these things, so drug abuse is understandable. The elite arent something to fear and get black-pilled about, they are a force that should instill in you an unbreakable drive to fuck their shit up!!!
      2ND take: Isolation is no good. If you are isolated then solving that is goal number one above everything else in the world.
      > First post, daily planning ideas
      Cant wait! The more people digging into this info and making posts, the better off we all are.


  2. “Also, trying to think of my first blog post. Have some ideas on daily planning.”

    Is the edenosphere finally getting winpilled? 🙂


  3. purpletigerbot:

    My thoughts would be:

    – Fixing big problems that keep you back – just getting to normal is fine
    – Acquiring Big Wins – fitness, job, friends, etc
    – Getting consistent in life – tracking, habits, support systems, etc
    – Developing the right mental stances to deal with problems – ie working smart AND hard like Jocko Willink, not one or the other
    – Once the base is squared away, going for the Epic (supra-normalfag) level in at least 1 area
    – Once that is done, aiming to change the world somehow

    1% gains are a great idea, but only when you have some consistency in place already, otherwise it’s just lost in the noise of volatility.


  4. When you are living in the world of VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity) you need to make big, somewhat messy / chaotic moves that can actually get you somewhere, or small, subtle moves that have cascade-effects downstream. The place for kaizen and 1% improvement is once when you have laid down a track of consistency in some area already. Ie turning the wilderness into straight lines of trees that can then be optimized.


  5. I guess we are on the same page here, just expressing it in different ways.

    Small subtle move = changing your self-talk for instance / or making your bed every morning

    1% improvement = I see this as more of a quantitative improvement, getting one more rep on the overhead-press or doing one more pushup every day, that sort of thing – totally fine and big part of success


    1. There is optimization or simplification. Of course you can do both but I am thoroughly in the camp of simplifier as it is more foolproof. There are things that can be optimized relatively easily, like the things you mentioned, but when it comes to systems(IE workout plan) or dealing with people keeping it simple is your best bet.

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