Starting Out (Part 2)

After your sleep, diet, and exercise are working well, the next step to take is to cut out as many bad and time-wasting habits as possible:

A: Delete social media ala Twitter, Facebook. Minimize(Give yourself one day a week, for an hour or two) or cut youtube.

B: Stop watching porn. Use K9 Web Protection and at least one other blocker. After giving exceptions for important things(Like this site!) change both passwords to something you don’t know. Do the same for your phone if you have to.

C: Stop internet addiction/news addiction. Give yourself 15 minutes a day to check news(Mostly headlines!). There is an exception to this if you are not WOKE enough, but after a year or so you are not getting a benefit from reading 3 takes on something- at that point you are more of an “expert” than 99 percent of the people in media!

D: Cut nasty, hopeless, needy, or otherwise useless people out of your life. If they are family then use the Dale Carnegie techniques- listen to their gripes and complaints, do not let them destroy your internal mood, let them do the talking, etc.

E: Cut all video games.

F: Limit all other time wasting activity as much as possible

***G: Stop listening to evil music, watching whiny or evil tv and movies, or feeding your mind any kind of pointless negative information! Delete it! There are admittedly things on that spectrum that rise to the level of true art. Take the important lessons from them, and then only re-experience them when your memory had faded (Once a year for ex)


Implementing these things may be hard for you to do but DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Believe you can do it, and think of how much time you will have to accomplish your very important goals!!! BONUS: Discipline gives you a feeling  of pride in yourself that tops the feeling of being entertained ten fold!


(Step 3 will be about changing mindset and other things: Read “The Magic Of Thinking Big” post for the in-depth on mindset)

Video Version:



    1. If you are an optimizer, go for it.
      I cut complexity wherever possible ie you cant play video games if you give them all away!


  1. 15 minutes seems to much for news. It is such a mind poison.

    Social media thoughts:

    A poistive social media use => use a tumblr blog to post things Ive done/working on, even small things like “Went for a walk” => gives strong sense of accomplishment, much more than writing in a notebook or pc notepad => I don’t know why but hitting the publish button gives a huge positive rush/builds positive momentum

    Social media tools are powerful and can be used for positive things, but you have to be at a certain level of self control/discipline to be able to exploit them.

    I look forward to part 3. When you cut out news, video games, social media, youtube, etc , you get hours and hours added to your day. It is important to figure out how to sublimate all the excess energy/time into positive activities.


    1. >how to sublimate all the excess energy/time into positive activities.
      Will spell out best I can. This stage is the big one, so all the books and other info all goes towards answering that question. Of course, you have to know what you want first!


  2. Also a great quote about giving up news (and social media in general):

    “Once I have turned my laptop off and put it away, how much direct physical consequence is this story likely to have for me personally?”


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