Flow= the great feeling you get when you are fully concentrated on the present moment and what you are doing in it.

Through cutting unnecessary activities and absolutely focusing you can be in “flow state” every day, for the majority of your time.

CLARITY of goal is first requirement for flow.
This includes knowing sub-goals buried into the activity.
Knowing how to implement moment-to-moment activity effectively comes down mostly to practice(and effective habits).

Learn to enjoy the moment, and to appreciate what you already have (physically and spiritually).
Make a GAME out of boring activities(cleaning, cooking, whatever).
Trying to do your best at everything you do actually increases enjoyment!!!

8 characteristics of Flow:
1. You know very clearly what you want to do
2. Feedback is immediate; there is no delay in learning if you made the right or wrong move
3. The challenge level of the activity is not beyond your ability.
4. Focus/concentration on what you are doing(first 3 ideally met first)
5. Focus removes attention from negative issues thus increasing happiness
(Note: Do not think of negative problems pointlessly. Do it when you are focused on SOLVING your problem)
6. You feel in control of your life and your actions as much as possible
7. Lose sense of self-consciousness. No worrying about how others think of you.
When a flow state has ended self esteem is elevated and you feel proud of what you accomplished.
8. Your sense of time is warped- hours can feel like minutes. Minutes can feel like hours.
Time adapts to your experience instead of the normal, reverse condition.

Learning to find Flow in any situation is a key to success.
An ordered, focused, consciousness is what we all need! It is what makes you feel fully alive.

5 characteristics of a complex personality(The Flow personality)
1. Clarity- knowing what you want in life, and in the moment-to-moment
2. Centering- The ability to focus and avoid distraction
3. Choice- knowing that you are not forced to do something. You WANT and CHOSE to do what you are doing.
4. Commitment to what you are doing. It is important!
5. Challenge- keep increasing the difficulty as you master each level.

3 ways to minimize stress
1. Non-self-conscious self-assurance. Grow this by having/improving skill in what you are doing.
2. Focus attention outside of yourself. No self conscious thinking!
3. Solve what is causing the stress.

4 habits of an autotelic personality:
1. The ability to set goals, and sub-goals
2. Attention is under their own control
3. Immersed in their activities. Always learning and relating what has been learned to achieving their goals.
4. Enjoys what they do because of regularly experiencing Flow state.


Fight boredom by becoming focused and taking action
Fight frustration by improving your skills.

1. Control Attention, moods, willpower
2. Find flow under any external circumstances by controlling the variables in point 1
3. Build your self concept around effective day to day interactions and flow state itself,
thus increasing your tangible worth to yourself and others.
4. Will help you ultimately find a meaningful life!!


Energy, Momentum, FOCUS!




  1. Thx MM. Another great post.

    Request: Can you note if a book is worth reading/listening to in full? Or even certain chapters.


    1. Have read many books that havent been blog worthy- if you see it here its worth reading at least once. May do a post full of insights from mediocre books though.


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