Terrific Total Health Advice From Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Phd.

This is another killer post that can change your life. I watched all 6 of Dr. Rhonda’s 3 hour podcasts with Joe Rogan and several vids on her youtube channel. 20+ hours of material!!! It was that good!

Anyway, it is so refreshing to finally find someone who will tell you the actual mechanisms behind things instead of the typical diet cult stuff. Take this info and use it!


Largest causes of death: 1. Cardiovascular disease (80 percent preventable) 2. Cancer
Trans Fat= pure poison. Gut health is VITAL to preventing cardiovascular disease.
You NEED cholesterol- LDL cholesterol isn’t bad for you, it carries cholesterol to your cells.
(HDL brings cholesterol from arteries and cells back to the liver)
Small, dense, LDL is what is bad. This is caused by endotoxin binding to the LDL cholesterol.
This is why gut health is so important- if you have “leaky gut” bacteria tries to get through,
your immune cells kill them, and endotoxin goes everywhere. This endotoxin then binds to LDL
(LDL soaks it up because too much will KILL you) and white blood cells attach on to it, trying
to attack the endotoxin. This then builds up into a plaque, and plaques build up to form blockages.
So, saturated fat isn’t bad for you unless you have chronic inflammation
(With leaky gut being a huge factor in causing this).
Saturated fat raises LDL cholesterol- this helps healing, for example,
but it is bad if endotoxin/inflammation is present.

The protective layer of your gut is called mucin. Glutin, sugar, simple carbs, lack of fiber,
lack of good gut bacteria- All destroy this mucin layer. Feed your gut with fibrous veggies, and probiotics. Bottom line: SUGAR is the ultimate gut enemy(And is bad all over) and glutin is second.
Gut health has massive impact on personality as many neurotransmitters are made there.
Curing chronic inflammation must be part of any plan to stop depression.
Garlic is a terrific anti-bacterial agent, can even kill many antibiotic resistant bacteria.
(May want to try taking when sick. MM- Zinc is also a great thing to take when sick)

Our medical system is BROKEN! Pill pushers, no looking at diet, no PREVENTION!!!

Exercise helps prevent and TREAT cancer. Lactate is actually the preferred source of energy for
the brain (You make this when you exercise).

Very important for you to learn your gene polymorphisms to tailor lifestyle and supplementation
(For example, some ppl have a hard time converting a vitamin thus they must take alot more)
This can be done by getting a full 23AndMe and running the raw data through Promethease.
(Dr Rhonda has her own tool on FoundMyFitness.com)
If you get a result that really bothers you(Like 10 times greater risk for something) do not
do anything stupid (Angelina Joli cut off her tits)(BTW- these tests CAN get something wrong).
Vitamin D + Omega 3 can actually reduce impulsive behavior by acting on serotonin.

Again, good gut bacteria need fiber. Your gut epithelial cells (Which make Mucin) need it too.
Sugar accelerates growth of many cancer types!
Cold exposure and heat exposure(Ice baths, sauna) are both good for you as they trigger your
body’s hormetic response(Much the same way plant polyphenols do). Don’t take an ice bath or sauna
up to an hour after working out as it will mess with the hormetic response of your workout.
Ice baths (And cold showers) are also good because they release loads of norepinephrine.
Another great thing uncomfortable levels of hot and cold do to you is to release loads of
Dynorphin, which will make your baseline endorphin receptors more sensitive!
B12 is import for making neurotransmitters. Eat beta-carotene with fat for better absorption.
Dont worry about sat fat if you are not eating glutin and sugar(You NEED it).
You can have a gene that makes it not clear after a certain point, so eat mono unsaturated fats
and other fats thought of as “healthy fats” as they will clear it out
(Eating an avocado a day will cover this).
Get AT LEAST 1000 IU of vitamin D3 a day per 25 lbs of body weight.
(MM- I took 20k IU for more than a year. I only take 10k now but you will need alot at first)
Vitamin D also preserves telomere length! And magnesium is important for your DNA repair.
Of course, exercise also preserves telomeres.
Long, quality, life is about PREVENTION while you are young.
B vitamins are most important anti-stress vitamins (For cortisol).
You pee them out so take them throughout the day if you feel very stressed.
Magnesium is a KEY mineral, improves focus, energy, sleep. Get 4 to 500 mg a day.
(Half in morning, half later)
Low Zinc levels are linked to depression (Zinc is very important for dopamine and testosterone)
There are more than one kind if “Vitamin E” and it isnt good to get too much of just one
(Look for “Mixed Tocopherols” not just “Alpha tocopherol”)
Selinium is a great anti-oxidant(And helps stop alpha tocopherol from depleting gamma tocopherol)

Dont take rancid fish oil (smell it)
Krill oil has DHA in the form your brain likes (And not much DHA is absorbed daily),
so take Krill Oil over fish oil for DHA. Krill Oil also has astaxanthin (powerful anti-oxidant).
Take a high EPA fish oil (2 grams daily of EPA)
EPA is a crucial antioxidant with great effects on depression.
EPA is pretty much “The more the better”

Overtraining causes an extremely toxic buildup of cytokines and other oxidative crap.
DO NOT train too hard.

Nitrates arent too bad. NITRITES are bad and should be avoided.
Avoid high levels of omega-6 (Fried foods, vegetable oils, many nut oils).

apoe-4 is a huge marker for risk of Alzheimer’s and inability to recover from brain trauma.
Get tested for this, and all other risk genes!
Getting adequate sleep is very important for lowering risk of Alzheimer’s.
Alcohol is bad for you, of course. If you have apoe-4 DO NOT DRINK!.
Only form of supplemental glutothione that can be absorbed= liposomal glutothione.
(Too expensive! Just be healthy)
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is a good general antioxidant and does raise glutothione levels.

Piperine (From black pepper) increases bioavailabilty of Turmeric by 2000 percent.
Turmeric has good stuff besides curcumin, like tumerone which promotes neurogenisis.
(So try to get Turmeric as a whole and not just as concentrated curcumin all the time)

Reminder: SSRI’s are poison.
Serotonin helps stop impulsive behavior and aggression.
What happens when SSRI’s fry your system AND you stop taking them?
(MM: Look up how many mass shooters were on SSRI’s)

Female mice that did not receive coddling/attention from parents were much more promiscuous.
(Many more estrogen receptors in brain. Fair to say something similar happens in human females)

Garlic chelates mercury.
Raw broccoli is so good for you. Broccoli sprouts are even better, much more sulforaphane.
(Sprouting your own is very cheap. BTW this is pretty much the ULTIMATE superfood known atm)
Cooked broccoli still very good, but little sulforaphane.

Amygdela is turned down after exercise, and executive function turned up.
The more you fuck-off the greater the inclination grows.
The more you exercise and WIN, the greater that inclination grows. MOMENTUM!

Don’t eat after dinner.
A 9-10 hour eating window is best, but more than anything DO NOT eat at night.
Light + eating + sleep are what set your circadian rythm!
Light literally starts your stomach enzymes. Go to SLEEP at night.

The more physical pain you experience (At least with exercise and ice baths/saunas),
the more your opoid receptors become sensitive to endorphins!

Nicotine causes “sensory-gating” (Focuses you on immediate stimuli)
Many schizophrenics are addicted to nicotine because of this effect (Interesting).

Ibuprofin is bad shit (All NSAIDs are). Statins are bad.
DO NO BE OVERWEIGHT- increases risks for everything very dramatically.

Limit sugar as much as possible. No fake sugars. SO IMPORTANT!
(MM: Blueberries and 80 percent dark chocolate are my only treats from now on.
Draw your own line, just realize how many things have significant sugar. Milk, for example)
No glutin, no simple carbs (Basically no grains and potatoes. Sweet potatoes ARE good)
Get carbs from bananas and sweet potatoes (I get almost all carbs from bananas)
Eat lots of vegetables. Eat raw broccoli, broccoli sprouts, or other cruciferous veggies.
(Since you dont eat sugar, feel free to butter up your veggies.)
Eat probiotic foods and take a probiotic supplement
Learn your gene polymorphisms and tailor your diet and lifestyle accordingly.
(Get a 23andMe and run the raw data through Promethease or Dr Rhonda’s own tool)
Get ‘healthy’ fats (An avocado per day is a good amount) as well as sat fat and cholesterol
Do not eat after dinner. Eat most of your calories at breakfast and lunch.
Get daily exercise, both cardio and weights. Short bursts of intense cardio (HIIT) is the best.
Try to stand as much as possible.

Crucial Nutrients:
D3- 5000 to 10000 IU, possibly more if you have been deficient a long time
Magnesium-400 to 500 mg
Probiotic- As much as possible, within reason
Zinc- 30 to 50 mg
B vitamins- the more stressed you are the more frequently to take these (You pee them out)
EPA (Get from a high EPA fish oil. 2 grams a day)
DHA (Get from krill oil as it has the correct form)

Great to Get:
Quercetin (If you eat enough veggies, you have lots of this)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Very good, and chelates mercury! DONT take with protein)
Turmeric (Piperine from black pepper, and fats increase solubility)
Resveratrol- The more the better, basically (1000 mg a day causes autophagy!)
Pterostilbene- Found in blueberries in tiny amounts. 4 times as bioavailable as resveratrol!
recommended dose is 300 mg a day half in AM, half in PM
Vitamin E In “Mixed tocopherols” form.

Loads of other important micro nutrients. Eat a healthy diet and take the best multi you find!
Make sure to get our supplements from a good source.
MM: I personally get my multivitamin- “Doc’s Best” from Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure.
It covers so many things and has Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols. Worth the price!

To conclude, please use this stuff in your life!!! I used to be an incredibly healthy person and I will use this stuff to go to the next level!

Here’s the latest podcast with Dr. Rhonda, I recommend them all:


UPDATE- Notes from JRE 1054 with Rhonda Patrick:

Expecting mothers:
Take lots of krill oil (DHA is in phospholipid form). Salmon roe is another way to get it.
Reminder that your lifestyle effects the epigenetics of your kids (Be healthy in all ways!).
^Obesity epigenetically effects many genes involved in COGNITION! (This reversed as the people lost weight).
BREAST FEED YOUR BABIES. There are stem cells in breast milk, and breastfeeding is so important for both IQ and the immune system.
No acetaminophen during pregnancy (linked to AHDH).

APOE-4 also causes more total LDL cholesterol to circulate in your blood
(Not bad by itself, but you need to take your nutrition more seriously -no refined sugar for example- as well as avoid any kind of head trauma)
(Reminder: Sat fat increases large LDL. Add sugar, simple carbs, or leaky gut and it turns into small dense LDL which IS BAD- causes heart disease)
“True Health Diagnostics” measure tons of the important biomarkers. Also “Wellness Effects” is another company.
Keto can be very bad for ppl with the wrong genes (If they have the wrong “pp ar alpha” gene: involved in fatty acid metabolism).
A new promising supplement: Nicotinamide riboside
(pre-cursor to NAD+. We know that NR increases Nicotinamide so take that over NAD+ until more research is done.)
Lutein is good for cognition as well as vision.
Bio PQQ is one of the best cognitive boosters and anti-oxidants (20 mg dose daily).
Supplement company Rhonda prefers- Thorne Supplements (Her friend tested tons of supplements and the Thorne ones all had what they said they did).
The company called “Life Extension” is also ok and they have alot of harder to find stuff.
Another testing company- Genova Diagnostics.



  1. This is great summary and very applicable to me. I’m curious the fatty acid metabolism gene you refer to regarding Keto. Is that apoe4 ? There is sooo much conflicting advice half experts recommend HCLF bc of reduced fat clearance. Half experts insist HFLC for apoe 4. Essentially Keto. Being apps 3/4. This leaves me in Tizzy. As I do eat healthy Whole Foods carbs including sweet potatoes but also non gluten grains. I eat a lot of good fats a day but definitely restrict sag fats except for a huge dose of stearic acid in my 3 oz raw dark chocolate. 75percent-/ each Day

    The sat vs I saturated fats is another debate for apoe 4. Half day sat fats best other half says plant fats best
    Re carbs. I also feel if you move and exercise you can have more healthy carbs ? I feel my body needs carbs and thrives off of it so for now I do moderate fat carbs Protein


    1. >the fatty acid metabolism gene you refer to regarding Keto. Is that apoe4 ?
      No, I can’t remember what it is called but if you have your data you can test it on Rhonda’s site for just 10 bucks and you’ll learn loads of other stuff.
      For example, I learned I have a horrible ability to produce vitamin D3 so supplementation is even more important than usual.

      I would never do high-carb low fat Ornish-style-diet. Sounds like a recipe for improper hormone balance and insulin resistance. Then again, because of genetic polymorphisms it isn’t appropriate for me to say “everyone should do x” beyond what is sure. That’s the hard part of all this.

      That being said, I think 100 grams of carbs a day from sweet potatoes, bananas, etc. is really the minimum (more if you are working out hard, and even more if you want to gain muscle because insulin is vital for maintaining an anabolic state blah blah blah). Carbs also help with memory formation and willpower (I did strict keto for a year and can hardly remember it).

      SO. Do the important stuff. Cardio, weights, full sleep, the most important supplements, avoiding sugar and limiting dairy, all the stuff in the summary section above and dont sweat the details.

      Oh, and loneliness/lack of meaningful relationships is actually worse than almost anything. Even worse than smoking, obesity, etc. So if you have that problem then it truly is as important a problem to fix as diet and exercise. It’s also the most important thing in life so there ya go.


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