The War of Art

Steven surrounds himself with lucky items, and has a very well-set ritual before starting work.
Its not the working part that’s hard. It is overcoming resistance to get started and keep going.
Resistance is one of the most evil forces on the planet, it stops you from doing what you must to become your best self, the person you want to be. Resistance is your ultimate enemy!
Book 1- Resistance
What brings about resistance- the pursuit of any “calling”, however marginal,
the launching of any enterprise, any diet, any program for spiritual improvement, education of any kind, anything that takes courage, any kind of improvement,
anything that puts long term goals over short term gratification.
Resistance is invisible- it may seem to come outside oneself but it is always internal.
It is the enemy within that will do anything to stop you from working towards a goal.
It is always lying and always full of shit. It is always attacking.
It never gives up and the more important a task is, the more resistance will attack it
Resistance wants to kill your soul, but it only has the power that you give it from fear.
Resistance is most powerful when you are getting close to completion.
Procrastination- caused by resistance giving you rationalizations to put off your LIFE.
Kill it by taking immediate action.
Sex and masturbation- The more empty you feel afterwards, the more resistance has won
(This applies to many things- sugar, shopping, tv, etc.)
Drug addiction, lateness, materialism, the toleration of trouble that wastes you time!
And many many more things- all bad.
How many diseases are caused by resistance?!?! How much victim-hood is just resistance?!
The more you give in to resistance, the more unhappy you will be.
You will never make yourself happy by buying some bullshit product
(Modern “culture” revolves around selling you things that resistance wants you to buy)
Do not define yourself by your enemy.
Steven hates fundamentalism of all types.
I agree with some points but there IS baseline truth to the world! Align with that!
Also, he thinks individualism is sacred.
The truth of these things is not black and white!
Far-reaching effects on society, some good some bad.
Our civilization is in a crisis of purpose!
Does radical individualism not face some blame for the destruction of the family,
our increasingly materialist culture, the lack of identity and depression seen
in many modern people? Of course! On the flip-side, no individualism is much worse
(150 million citizens killed by Communist governments last century).
Anyway, I had to clear that up in case any of you read this book.
Steven was a total loser into his 40s, then got his groove.
(Both an indictment and a remarkable accomplishment)
Book 2- Combating Resistance
Just get started and keep going.
You must learn to be ok with being miserable! Show up every day no matter what.
Be committed to the long term game. Master the techniques you need to master.
If you haven’t had any real failures you aren’t trying hard enough.

A professional:
Is patient- understands delayed gratification. Things can and will take longer than you think.
Seeks order- eliminate chaos from your surroundings to banish it from your mind
Demystifies- Understands exactly what to do. Understands the “How” very very well.
Acts in Face of Fear- Do not expect to be fearless. Go forward anyway.
Accepts no excuses- Does the shit that needs to be done.
Understands the field is not level, doesn’t waste time on it.
Dedicates himself to mastering skills.
Does not take failure or success personally.
Does not give in to internal criticism.
Self validates. Does not rely on the validation of others.
Listens to criticism on a rational level. Does not let resistance use criticism.
Cannot let the responses of others define his reality.
Endures adversity, never gives up, does not give in to resistance.
Recognize envy-driven criticism.
Re-invents himself, if need be.

Focus on the work and its demands, to the exclusion of all else.
Book 3: Beyond Resistance
Steven prays to Greek muses and shit.
Fun to listen to but not much value.
Some interesting woo thoughts and half baked ideas on hierarchy- wont
replicate as advice but I enjoyed it
(Will go into human hierarchy in depth in the future).

Anyway, the big lesson is to DO THE WORK and not give in to resistance!

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