Eat That Frog!

As comprehensive a book on overcoming procrastination and getting shit done as you could ever imagine. Summary at the end. Get started!


You must simply stop doing many things and spend more time on what that really matters.
In all things, asking people who have done what you want to do and learning everything you
can about their techniques is a great idea.
Successful people use their time far far better than unsuccessful people.

The ability to concentrate single minded on your most important task, and do it well, is the KEY to success!!!
The key to success is action. Eat That Frog!

There has never been a time in history with more options and opportunities
(If anything, there are too many options. You can easily forget what is IMPORTANT)
Set clear priorities and get important things done quickly.
Start your day with the most important, hardest, ugliest frog, first! DO NOT start with the easy stuff.
Don’t think about it, just get started as soon as you wake up!
Activity is not accomplishment. You must develop the best habits, like starting and completing tasks quickly.

When you complete tasks you feel like a winner! The next task is easier because of endorphins and dopamine!
You have MOMENTUM!
(MM- This is the third book I’ve read today. I know what he means! Its very easy after the 2 before it)

Develop the habit of task completion, have determination and discipline.
Think continually of the rewards of being action-oriented. Visualize yourself as this WINNER! Then do it.
Ch 1 Set The Table
You must have definiteness of purpose. Know exactly what you want clearly, and have a burning desire to get it.
Do not be vague. Think on paper. Have clear, written goals.
1. Decide Exactly What You Want (Or understand what you need to get done for your boss and what matters most)
2. Write It Down
3. Set a Deadline
4. Make a list of all things you need to do to get the thing done.
5. Organize list of tasks into a plan. Decide most important things. Make a visual representation.
6. Take Action on your plan, IMMEDIATELY.
7. Do Something DAILY to reach this goal (Read x pages, Workout, etc.) KEEP MOVING, MAINTAIN MOMENTUM.
Stop reading this and make a list of 10 things you want to get done in the next 5 years.
Select the one goal from this list that would have the most positive impact on your life.
Do steps 1-7 Above and ACT IMMEDIATELY!
Ch 2 Plan Every Day In Advance
Action without planning is a bad idea. Have a solid plan. Seek to get the most return on involvement for your time. An hour of planning will save a minimum of two hours later.
Make a list of tasks for the next day before sleep. Have a list for the week/month/year/etc.- whatever you need.
Make a master list of EVERY thing you want to do at some point in your life.
The first 10 minutes of planning will give you 90 percent of the time savings.
Mark everything by priority, and also urgency of time.
Ch 3 Apply The 80/20 Rule To Everything
(20 percent of actions give you 80 percent of results in anything)
(Remember The ONE Thing. There is usually ONE thing that is the absolute most important)
Most ppl procrastinate on the 20 percent and do the 80 percent!
You can be busy all day long on the 80 percent and still get little done. DO NOT work on the 80 percent until all of the 20 percent tasks are done. If you start with the important stuff, it will become a habit.
Accomplishing the big tasks gives you a great feeling the little stuff just can’t.
You must be good at choosing between the important and unimportant
Ch 4 Consider The Consequences
Understand the consequences of doing/not doing something. This will tell you what matters.
LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE, not short term. Long term thinking improves short term decision making.
Delayed gratification! Failures do what is tension-relieving while winners do what is goal achieving!
There will never be enough time to do everything. You must do the most important things and let some things go.
Build in a time buffer- 20 percent- to give you lee-way (Get it done ASAP of course)
What are your highest value activities? (Great thing to ask others) What will only get done if YOU do it?
Ch 5 Practice Creative Procrastination
Procrastinate on the low value tasks. Outsource, delegate, them if possible.
You can only get your life under control to the degree you discontinue low value activities (And low value ppl).
TV, golf, so many things can be abandoned or put off until later.
Ch 6 Practice The ABCDE Method.
Start with a list of all you have to do the next day. Mark the tasks the following way.
A= Must Do!!! Put numbers 1- whatever. 1 is most important
B= Important but not crucial. Never do a B task while you still have an A task.
C= Nice to do, but no consequences if you do not do.
D= Can be delegated. Delegate as much as possible
E= Can be and SHOULD be eliminated
Now go to sleep, wake up, and start on your A1 task immediately!
(You chose whether or not to do this before a morning routine- exercise, eating, etc.)

Ch 7 Focus On Key Result Areas
Why are you on the pay-roll? Know your key result areas and work them. Ex: Salesmen SELL!
Make sure your boss and everyone else agrees on your key result areas.
Grade yourself where you are strong and where you are weak.
The weakest Key area sets the bar for your entire performance at work. Improve these weaknesses.
Make a plan to get better at them and implement them. You may only be 1 skill away from a break-through!
What ONE SKILL would have the greatest positive impact on your career? (Brian read the One Thing. Great book)

Ch 8 The Law of Three
The top 3 tasks you do for your job have 90 percent of the value.
If you need to get your bosses help to delegate the less important tasks- ask him. Say that you think you can do twice as much.
(And that if you manage to do twice as much you would like to be payed twice as much)
(Idea: If you are a boss realize what your employee’s top 3 jobs are. Try to delegate the minor jobs to others dedicated to them)
Big 3 Areas: 1. Family/Relationship goals 2. Career Goals 3. Health and Fitness goals
Ultimate goal is to live a long, happy, purposeful life!
It is quality of time at work and quantity of time at home.
(Shoot for quality at home too of course, but if you aren’t there you aren’t there. And then your kids are fucked.)
Work hard at fast at work so you have time for your family- which is more important.
Find your big 3 goals in each area of life, organize by priority, and make plans to reach those goals.

Ch 9 Prepare Thoroughly
You have more potential than you could ever develop in a lifetime. Have everything you need before you begin.
Also, remember to have a dedicated work area with no distractions! If you work on a computer, kill your time wasting/ block shit!
Throw away fears of failure. Do what you fear! Take the first action. Assume the body language of high performers.
Exercise: Look at your desk. Who does it look like works here? Organize it.

Ch 10 Take It One Oil Barrel At a Time
Break the frog into many bit-sized pieces. Cross the Sahara by looking driving between the black oil barrels.
Complete the task, move to the next. So simple. Get started!
Select any goal in life you have procrastinated on. Make a list of what you need to do to get it done. Do one thing from the list.

Ch 11 Upgrade Your Key Skills
Learn what you need to learn to do your work in a spectacular fashion.
Improve until you do not feel weak in any area of a key task. Getting BETTER at a key task saves immense time.
Continuous learning is the minimum for success in a field. Add skills! Public speaking, writing, etc.
Mastery: Knowledge- read at least an hour a day, (Listen to audiobooks in car!)and get the skills!
(See PEAK for how to learn skills most effectively)

Ch 12 Leverage Your Special Talents
Use your skills at doing things faster and better than others to make bank.
Take stock of what you do especially well and nurture these things.
Also nurture skills that you enjoy the most.

Ch 13 Identify Your Key Constraints
What is holding you back? What sets the speed of your goal achievement? Why aren’t you at your goal already?
Study the limiting factor and alleviate the choke-point. This can be a person, a skill, anything.
Eliminating a choke point can bring about more progress, faster, than anything else.
Only 20 percent of limiting factors are on the outside- 80 percent are your skills and actions.
Identify your most important goal in life. Determine the one thing, in yourself, that sets the speed of accomplishing that thing.

Ch 14 Put The Pressure On Yourself
Only two percent of people can work hard entirely without supervision. These people are called LEADERS and you can be one.
Put the pressure on yourself, see yourself as a role model.
Self Esteem= Your reputation with yourself. This increases every time you do something important or do not give up or give in!
BEAT your own deadlines!

Ch 15 Maximize Your Personal Powers
MASTER at least one field. You need full rest to go hard. Nurture your energy levels at all times.
(Bananas for carbs, vitamins, exercise, SLEEP! and sticking to your sleep cycle.
See how to eat healthy HERE ) Don’t work long into the night- inefficient- sleep and you will get it done faster tomorrow.
Improve your health and energy. Cut bad habits and double down on the good- especially exercise (High intensity cardio+ Weights)

Ch 16 Motivate Yourself To Action
Motivational music (The Rocky Theme etc.), good self-talk, growth mindset, avoiding pointless negativity everywhere.
(No negative music or other art. Re-frame challenges as opportunities. Check the news only 5-10 mins at end of day)
Happines LEADS TO success.
Look for the solution to the problem. No pointless thinking or complaining about it!
Think about what you want and how to get it, don’t dwell on the past.
You are IN CONTROL of your thoughts!!! Accept complete responsibility for yourself.

Ch 17 Get Out of The Technological Time-Sinks
Detach from technology on a regular basis. Technology is supposed to IMPROVE your life, not waste your time and cause addiction.
80 percent of emails are useless- delete them. Delete all old emails. Transfer essential emails to a dedicated folder.
Check email 3 times a day- Morning, Noon, Afternoon. NO MORE! Dont waste time on social media. Delete all the accounts you can.
Leave the television, computer, phone, OFF, until you actually need them. No broadcast news, no tv!
Only watch things worth the time- really good movies, etc.
Make a plan right now to stop wasting time with technology.

Ch 18 Slice and Dice A Task
Just one slice at a time!
(Realization: Breaking things into sub tasks is good because it means you rack up more WINS!)
Swiss Cheese Method- Punch a hole into a task, work for a specific time period.
Especially try these methods when it is the first time you have faced a task.

Ch 19 Create Long Chunks of Time
Focusing on few targets for long times leads to the greatest efficiency (No task re-tooling).
Give your most important tasks as large a block of time as possible (As early in the day as possible).
Make every minute count. Do work on flights!

Ch 20 Develop A Sense of Urgency
Get started NOW! Get in FLOW!
Have a Bias For Action! What can you do right now? It takes far less energy to keep MOMENTUM going once it starts!
You will be one of the most valuable and respected people in your area if you keep momentum going!

Ch 21 Single Handle Every Task
Your ability to pick your most important task and attack it with total focus until it is completed is what it’s all about.
No start/stopping! That can increase the time it takes by 50-500 percent! Keep your inertia, energy, motivation!
Once you have decided your most important task, everything else is a relative waste of time. Never forget this!
Self-Discipline= Making yourself do what you should do no matter what. This is the test of your character, willpower
and resolve. You become the master of your own destiny!
TAKE ACTION- thin of the most important thing you can do right now and do it. Resolve to complete it no matter what.
Once you begin refuse to stop until you are finished.


Eat your biggest frog every day before anything else.
Decide exactly what you want. Plan every day the night before. Think On Paper!
Concentrate on the 20 percent of the 80/20. Focus first on the things that will have bad consequences if not done.
Follow the ABCDE method and rank tasks (A=Essential B=Important C=Nice to do D=Delegate E=Eliminate).
Focus on key result areas. Prepare thoroughly before beginning. Upgrade your skills. Leverage your special talents.
Identify your bottle-necks and eliminate them. Take it one step at a time. Put the pressure on yourself.
Maximize your energy and do your important tasks when you are at your best. Motivate yourself to action; improve your mental
physical and informational environment to support positivity and action. Procrastinate on the low value things.
Do the most difficult task first. Create large chunks of time to work for extended periods. Develop a sense of urgency.
Set clear priorities and START IMMEDIATELY!!!


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