“The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials”- Lin Yutang.
Do only the things that are truly important and eliminate all else.
Give yourself permission to say no to the unimportant tasks and requests from others.
If you feel busy but not productive you must cut the noise and get to the things that produce the results!
(There is likely ONE THING that is producing most of your results). Less, but better!
You must ask yourself frequently if you are investing in the right activities.
Determine what matters most, ignore the rest, and then make doing your most important tasks as straightforward as possible.
Options and opportunities eat loads of time. When you become successful you will have to be much MORE focused!
Why do previously successful companies and people fail? They lose focus! They lose the plot.
If you don’t choose what’s most important- other ppl will choose for you, and you will go off the rails (Learned helplessness).
You WILL have to say no to great opportunities, commitments, etc. once you get to a high level.

When making a decision- evaluate many options. Pick the best and go big on it!
Find purpose by knowing your strengths and by asking yourself what needs to be changed the most about the world (Or even just your life) .
You DO NOT have to do it all, only what truly matters to YOU! Make your own choices.
Some actions aren’t just the 20 percent of the 80/20- they produce EXPONENTIALLY better results!
Almost everything is non-essential. “I can do both” is often a LIE! You have to make a trade-off.
Being overextended, not getting enough sleep, HARMS productivity!
Ideal work environment: A long period of time, isolated, focused on a single task with no distractions in the room at all.
The faster and busier things get, the more you need to build-in thinking time.
Keeping a short journal or at least tracking your goals in writing can do real good
Always write down info you think is important, and TAKE NOTES on books you read.
(Richard Branson carries a notebook wherever he goes)
Having fun (“playing”) is an important thing to get in your life! Not video games- IRL with others. Do fun shit!
Remove as many sources of useless stress in your life as possible.
One hour more of sleep= several more hours of higher productivity. (Remember PEAK– the best violin students slept an average of 8.6 hours)
Naps help too. (Once you are a leader make sure ppl in your organization are not sleep-deprived zombies)
“If your answer is not a definite yes, it should be a no”.
An option that is almost good enough is not good enough. Apply tough and specific criteria when making decisions.
Being selective with hiring also very important.
Write down the requirements for a worthy opportunity and stick to these!

Eliminate any activity that does not align with what you want to achieve.
To do this you must CLARIFY your goals until you have an exact idea of what you want.
When a team lacks clarity of goals and roles little gets done. CONCRETE goals and plans are much more important than rhetoric. Leadership!
Always keep your ultimate goals in mind when making any decision in the moment. Say NO to unworthy things! Don’t string ppl along.
Get rid of useless items and junk that you own.
ABANDON projects you have started already but are not worth the time (Yes its hard. Just do it).
Don’t keep doing ANYTHING just because its what you normally do.
“Its good enough” does not apply to your essentials, you must always seek to improve them!
Leaders must CUT unimportant tasks and decide on what ppl should go big on.
Leaders must eliminate distractions and make work as simple as possible!!!
Keep boundaries. When your boss is expecting you to put off your family say NO and do not waver. Work hard and smart on the essentials and you will be so valuable your boss will give you what you want (People and persuasion skills help).
Keep boundaries with people as well. Do not let them make their problems your problems.
Do not let people steal your time and energy.
Prepare thoroughly, early! School, work, whatever. Understand what you must do, prepare thoroughly, and take massive action.
Build slack, buffers, and if the task is important enough  -redundancies-  into your system. Add 50 percent to your time estimate.
Having a ROUTINE helps you find FLOW and get shit done! Visualize and plan for the perfect day, year, activity, whatever.
Routines free up mental space- VERY important! You must have a GREAT daily routine and stick to it!
How to discard shit habits and routines= Get the shit out of your house, out of your way. Use your willpower and say no.
(MM- Paint unhealthy food in your mind as “poison”. This is the only frame that will get your brain on your side.)
Creating good habits to replace bad ones is easier than just getting rid of a habit.
Do the most important, hardest, thing as early in the day as possible (Eat That Frog!)
It can also help to have days devoted to tasks of a single theme
(Hard to set up but worth it when you can- I read 3 books last Saturday because that was my only work for the day. No task switching.)
If you do not know what is important to you on the whole or in a particular moment, figuring that out is your goal number 1.
Get the future out of your head, and on to paper.

Again, have clarity of purpose. Do only the few things that have MEANING and produce results!

MM’s Current Suggestions For Essentials:
-Knowledge Work. Books and skills. Audiobooks while driving. Learn the best info on your most important skills and tasks. (People skills are always important)
-Exercise. Daily cardio and weights, an hour a day right after waking up and eating a banana.
-Healthy Diet and supplementation (Best info on that HERE)
-Sleep. At least 9 hours, shoot for 10 (I am dead serious).
Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, excluding a great nighttime opportunity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Focused, uninterrupted work starting with your most important thing.
-Time to think while doing NOTHING else (Or you won’t have time to decide what is essential!)- 30 mins a day or so
-Time with family. An hour a day minimum.
-Do enjoyable, exciting things with others. Especially true for dates.
-Experiencing important things- however you define that. Will also build connections if done with others.
-Self improvement of all kinds.
-A grand life purpose.


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