How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big

Have read this book 3 times now.

Definitely a classic that you should read yourself.


Systems trump goals in most things.
(IE, for exercise- a system is to go to the gym daily vs goal of losing 20 lbs in 10 weeks or whatever. The system will get you there and you wont be beating yourself up every moment that you haven’t reached the goal.)
You program your own mind- positive art intake, useful mental models of the world, your friends, your environment, etc.
Passion is bullshit. You always acquire passion for what you succeed at
DECIDE, don’t just want.
Focus on yourself- if you aren’t at 100 percent you can’t help anyone else.
All successful ppl have multiple failures. Failures are learning opportunities.
Every skill you acquire doubles your chance for success.

The most important metric to track is your personal energy.
Acquire this through exercise, sleep, and general health.

SIMPLICITY is foolproof and should be the standard. Only break simplicity if it can help in a CRUCIAL area.
An effective affirmation is often simply repeating to yourself your most important goal IE – “I, Scott Adams, will become a world famous cartoonist” (Yes, Scott Adams has goals. Some things shouldn’t be just systems)
Things that start off poorly are much less likely to turn into something good later on (Know when to quit ventures).

Learn to separate hate from actual useful criticism.
Practice difficult convos out loud to yourself.
Deliver value to get noticed.
Do not put faith in experts.
You don’t have to understand how something works to use it.
Realize how limited ALL humans are in filtering truth from perception and bias. Learn alot about psychology.
Useful skills: Persuasion and all human psychology, design, marketing, humor, business, public speaking, strategy, negotiation.
(Included skills from Scott’s post on Trump’s Talent Stack)



  1. The advice in this article is priceless. I fully agree with systems over goals. Focusing on the distance you have to your goals is far worse than trying to win the day and appreciate your progress. I just followed you! Do you mind having a look at my website? I think we have similar content.


  2. “a system is to go to the gym daily”

    Thats called over training bro. If your training suffciently every other day or split thats all thats needed.


    1. Muscle protein synthesis ends 48 hours after ANY workout. Working out less hard, more often gives you best gains. Each muscle area twice a week leaving sunday for just cardio still ends up at every day and is so much easier than taking a day off just because the way habits become easier if you do them ever day


      1. Oh yes I agree, but gym everyday is still crazy. I’m damn sure I’ve gotten Rhabdomyolysis before when I went everyday. One can walk, do some push ups, air squats, pull ups, go for a short run (1-2 miles) with a few sprints, or go for a bike ride on off days. People that go everyday strike me as those that don’t think long term. Doesn’t matter though I’m tipsy and getting nitty and gritty. Keep up the great work bro.


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