Maximum Achievement

Make your goals as clear as possible, and then figure out how others achieved those things.
(For many goals the same thing wont work twice IE becoming the next Steve Jobs. But you WILL get good ideas!)
To be successful, make sure your every thought and action takes you in that direction.
Isaac Newton’s response to being asked how he accomplished so much in science- “By thinking of nothing else!”. FOCUS!
You are the active participant in your own development. Imagine your life as a part of a grand master plan.
Realize that everything that has happened to you has taught you something that can be used to move towards the life you were meant to live.
You must develop a sense of DESTINY (Not entitlement!). You must have emotional investment and emotional persistence towards what you want.
EXPECT to be successful, hard-working, happy. You attract things similar to your thoughts: ppl, opportunities, etc (Not magic just common sense).
Your outer world becomes a reflection of your inner world.
Any idea that you accept as true consciously will quickly penetrate your subconscious.
Whatever you dwell upon, grows. Your mind becomes more and more in sync towards achieving it.
Continually think of your goals (This is why affirmations work) and make sure everything in your environment is positive and aids your progress.
You can only focus on one thing at a time- if you actively replace useless and negative thoughts in your head they will go away (Re-frame as well).
Think of the solution, not the problem. To achieve success you must get out of your own way!
Accept complete responsibility for who you are and where you are going. Let go of the mindset of a child- YOU are self-reliant! No excuses.
Is there anyone, anywhere, who has succeeded with all the excuses you use? How about ppl who dealt with 10 times the obstacles!?!
You are ALWAYS self employed. No matter who signs your paycheck.
Forgive yourself for every mistake you have made, and forgive others for all minor things.
Always forgive your parents and people who have been very close to you (For your own sake, you don’t need that resentment inside you).
If the people you have been close to, who you have now forgiven, are still toxic people then get them out of your life. But forgive first.
If you did something legit terrible to someone who matters to you, apologize
(MM: This is pretty much the only thing that it is healthy to apologize for.
That doesn’t mean don’t take responsibility for your actions, but apologies are treated as insincere and a sign of weakness by most ppl nowadays).

Working HARDER will only get you so far. Focus on the important things first, try new techniques.
If you have a job that depends on shear volume of work do everything you can to increase the efficiency- or learn new skills to get a better job!
Your mind tries very hard to make you congruent- all your thoughts, actions, and data coded into your subconscious will change you. Choose wisely!
Push out of your comfort zone, try new things, and be willing to do something poorly and feel awkward until you learn it thoroughly.
Ideal Affirmation:
1. Verbalize and affirm your desired outcome.
2. Visualize the outcome you desire
3. Emotionalize it. Feel what you will feel when you are successful
4. Release all concern.
5. Make it happen in your life.

Success is simply written goals and intense effective action towards them (You can systematize many things like exercise and health).
You must want your goal more than the path of least resistance.
(Remember the advice from The ONE Thing: Make distractions, bad food, etc. more difficult to get and keep them out of your environment)
Understand the price for the success you want and pay it. When you sow, you reap.
Your comfort zone is your greatest enemy. You must break your current routine and start doing what you need to do.
Review your goals on a regular basis (Right after you wake up, and right before you go to sleep).
Keep your goals confidential from everyone except those who will be helpful or are needed for your plan.
Encouraging others and their goals motivates you!
Kill your fear of failure. It happens, you learn, you keep going! Doing nothing is the worst choice.

The 12 Steps To Goal Achievement
1. Intense burning desire. Think about what you want continually and emotionally. Be absolutely clear what you want.
2. Belief and conviction. You must absolutely believe your goal is attainable.
You must break your goal into “eatable” sub goals that are believable to your sub-conscious.
(THINK BIG for you overarching goals)
3. Write it down.
4. Make a list of all the ways you will benefit by reaching the goal.
5. Analyze your starting point.
6. Set a deadline and give yourself a bit more time than you think it will take.
If you don’t reach it on time re-adjust your methods if need be and keep going.
7. Make a list of all obstacles that stand in your way. Can be internal or external. Organize the list in order of importance and tackle No. 1 first.
8. Identify the essential information you will need to achieve your goal. (This is what Fight Failure is all about!)
9. Make a list of all ppl and groups whose help you will need to achieve your goal. Also organize this by priority.
Remember that people want to help you when you help them (Also frame what you are doing as benefiting these ppl)
10. Make a plan. Make a list of activities by priority and sequence. What is the most important thing you must do? Second,third, etc.
Get started. Make course corrections once you get feedback.
11. Visualize your goal as if it were achieved. As CLEAR as possible!
12. Make the decision that you will NEVER GIVE UP! (Link)
Maintain your MOMENTUM by taking continuous action!

Make a full life-plan!

Trust your gut feelings and pay attention when your subconscious gives you insights and ideas.
Once you know exactly what you want, decisiveness comes naturally.

Learning effective relationship skills is crucial for success.
Everyone wants to feel important. Generally- nod, smile, and agree with the other person.
To disagree, frame the question as coming from a third party (What will our customers think of X?, What if someone where to ask about X?)
Express appreciation towards the other person. Say thank you, and send thank you notes- the notes make a really good impression.
Give praise and recognition to others (Its an art). Leaders must be good at praise.
Praise should be immediate or as close in time to the behavior as possible. Praise a SPECIFIC behavior- “You did a great job getting that report done by Thursday!”. Praise in public, and criticize in private.
Don’t be negative, complain, etc. around others (VERY important). You are the FEELING you give to others!
Give compliments- an article of clothing works well (Anything for a woman, ties for a man) or an accomplishment.
BE SINCERE- ppl often know when you are bullshitting and they don’t like it.
Paying attention to someone- LISTENING- is another key and it builds trust. Give them good eye contact and don’t interrupt.
Ask questions about what the other person has said (“What do you mean ?” to assure clarity).
Ask questions about the other person. Asking someone for advice also makes them feel good/important.
Whatever genuine emotion you express to someone else will come back to you!
Being a better conversationalist:
Talk about any subject that interests the other person. If you don’t get a response from a subject move quickly to a different one.
Asking someone what kind of work they do followed by how they got into it is a great way to start a convo.
Take your turn- don’t monologue.
The more you like and respect yourself the naturally better you are with others.
The more you help others and make them feel better the more it comes back to you. Fill your life with love.



  1. I’d like to see some group Hanouts posted on Youtube or such, will give all of these ideas some fertile ground and provide extra momentum to Project Winning.

    Just as a complement, don’t stop doing what you’re doing already 🙂


    1. Thank you for the compliment

      >Group hangouts
      Alot has changed, EW. I still want to help and will keep putting up more info here, but its just been soul-crushing to try to talk sense into ppl like Aeoli. A total waste of time!

      Suffice it to say, I am no longer baby sitting losers.


      1. That is understandable, MM, and you’ve been more than helpful with this excellent work you’ve been doing. I do hope you are building a tribe of winners as well. Feel free to email if you need anything.


        1. No problem. The only thing you can do for me is to take your own success as seriously as possible, win big at life, and then become a LEADER! Take care.


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