Blog Update and Misc. Helpful Knowledge

Good News! I went through the 70 or so books I had upcoming for the blog (Some of which I had already bought) and was able to knock off a good 30 as being completely redundant. Getting through 40 books by the end of January is much easier than 70+!
So far, Mindset(1,2,3,4,5 ) Health(1,2), Focus/Productivity(1,2,3,), and Leadership(1,2,3) have been the main topics of the blog. I think mindset and focus have pretty much been squared away. In the future, we will be going into much more info on Social Skills, Persuasion, Finances/Money, Leadership, and anything else that is needed for the Grand Unified Theory of Winning.  Get excited!

Also, here is more fantastic info for you to win at your life with:

Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Personal Achievement
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

1: Definiteness of Purpose
2: Mastermind Alliance
Two or more minds working in harmony. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.
3: Applied Faith
4: Going the Extra Mile
Rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid.
5: Pleasing Personality
6: Personal Initiative
7: Positive Mental Attitude
8: Enthusiasm
9: Self-Discipline
Self-discipline begins with the mastery of thought.
If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs.
10: Accurate Thinking
11: Controlled Attention (Focus!)
12: Teamwork
13: Adversity & Defeat
Many so-called failures represent only a temporary defeat that may prove to be a blessing in disguise.
14: Creative Vision (Visualization)
15: Health
16: Budgeting Time & Money
Time and money are precious resources, and few people striving for success ever believe they possess either one in excess.
17: Habits
You are where you are because of your established habits and thoughts and deeds.

The natural state of man is slavery, which is why those who seek freedom will always be the most despised, and power mongers adored.

IMO, Jargon=shit marketing. Speak plainly, simply, and to-the-point.

You must be willing to change anything and everything about your life.

MIRRORING your opponents body language is one of the keys of effective negotiation.
Mirroring is great for getting ppl to like you in any situation.
Mirroring language and any other aspect of the other person’s behavior also works great.

Most effective frame to get ppl to take action: “This is what your neighbors are doing”
Social comparison is massively motivational.
This is killer advice for leadership- you can motivate by:
1. comparing someone’s behavior to someone better than them( but not TOO much better) and telling them a solution to achieve that level
When implementing changes, frame them as necessary to best a competitor that is trying to outdo your company.

Keeping your options open should never mean making your goals unclear or doing significantly more work
(For example- if you are in college taking random classes because you do not know EXACTLY what you want to do you fucked up)

Conservatives can sell RESPONSIBILITY to disaffected modern men. There is a yearn for purpose in modern world. Tap into this!
(Good To Great book review)
When in doubt, don’t hire. Keep looking.
When you know you need to make a people change- ACT IMMEDIATELY
Put your best people on your biggest opportunity, not your biggest problem
Confront the brutal facts of your situation whilst believing you will absolutely prevail.
Create a culture where ppl can actually discuss problems in real ways and reward ppl for finding both problems and solutions.
Build a culture of disciplined people- no distraction, no bs, and an environment where the STANDARD is to get shit done.
Avoid technology fads and distractions, but adopt anything that will actually aid work and momentum.
You can’t change people so ignore the bad and useless ones.
(The Prince incomplete book review)
People should be either treated nicely or crushed totally so that they cannot seek revenge.
Get others to do difficult or controversial tasks for you (A scapegoat). Save the popular tasks for yourself.
Know all the big ideas. Ever. In all the disciplines and history.

Who you are is who you attract. You must become a better person.

A great leader tries hard to create more effective leaders in the organization.
Discover what your people are good at and put them in the right position.
Be VERY CLEAR on exactly the kind if person you are looking for when hiring and stick to this.

Leaders must be likable. You must get people to follow you voluntarily.

Save money off the top off your paycheck before doing anything else. At least 10 percent.
Its not what you earn- its what you KEEP! Buy used cars, etc. and invest the savings.
Give people something they want and need at a price they can afford.
Goal: Get to the point where your investments make all the money you need and you can focus on the next stage
of life (save the world!).
At the end of the day, business is about SALES and marketing. Everything else is secondary.
Real Estate- buy, fix, and rent. Do it all yourself early on and make a killing.
Do background checks on tenets.
Brian Tracy also recommends dollar cost averaging when buying stocks just like Mike Cernovitch.
Warren Buffet also recommends same thing (index funds DCA) if you are not an active investor.
Trump hates to sell property. Renting, etc. all the way.
Property on lakes, rivers, and oceans, tend to do better.

(How To Talk To Anyone book review)
No fidgeting or touching face, especially when talking to ppl.
Ask the party-thrower to introduce you to someone, or just get a couple facts you can use for ice-breakers.
When ppl ask where you are from give an interesting tidbit along with it to draw them into the convo.
Also, when ppl ask about your job throw out something interesting about it
Always set up a convo when introducing two ppl to each other- “X this is Y, he is from the same town as you” or wtvr the fuck.
Listen closely for someone to give you clues what their favorite topics are. And there are almost always obvious clues,
Asking someone to re-tell a funny story to someone else or while in a group is very endearing.
Accentuate the positive about yourself early in a relationship. Leave the skeletons in your closet for only your best friends.
In powerful circles, ask “How do you spend most of your time?” not the pleb-tier “What do you do?”.
Tailor the story of your life to the current listener, what excites them, what they may want to hear, what will get you what you want.
“You” is your best friend. Start as many sentences with it as possible, use it a lot.
No jokes at anyone else’s expense. Ppl remember, and seek revenge (Remember Machiavelli: crush ppl totally or play nice).
Look for important moments you’ve had with ppl and bring them up upon seeing them again, especially if they are only acquaintances.
Compliment ppl when they aren’t around. When they hear you have done this, this makes them feel better than any compliment they heard in person.
Sneak compliments into your sentences (Powerful ppl know what you are doing when you compliment them directly).
People love hearing their name- use it. Never hold food or drink at a party. Choose who you want to talk to and do it.
Ignore bloopers- yours or others, whether they be misworded statements or massive farts.
If someone’s story gets interrupted, patiently wait and remind them where they were (So what happened after X?)
Don’t confront ppl at parties (Unless you can afford to be SAVAGE AF bruh. Like Trump at the Al Smith dinner 2016 with Hillary)
If you are already doing business with a big name, do not capitalize on a chance meeting. Just do happy talk and chitchat.

(Decisive book review)
Do not let short-term emotion dictate decisions. Seek advice from worthy advisors.
Don’t be overconfident- set time and money limits and don’t go over them without EVIDENCE that your confidence matches reality.
(Of course, be prepared for setbacks and failures- they have to happen and they make you learn)
Do not frame the decision narrowly (As Trump would say- “What am I pretending not to see?”).
There ARE multiple options practically always- make the best choice by weighing the opportunity cost vs the risk and reward level.
Do not give in to confirmation bias. Rationally look at all facts, not just those which supports your theory or intuition.

(Made to Stick book review)
Think SUCCESs= Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories
Simple- Core idea as compact as possible (A proverb is ultimate example- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
Unexpected- Surprise them. Keep their interest by stating what they know already and then telling them what they didn’t know, and why it matters to them if not obvious.
(IE. “Bill Clinton is a rapist. Everybody knows that. But did you know he was kicked out of Oxford in 1969 for raping Eileen Wellstone?”)
Concrete- Take away all abstraction, without dumbing ideas down. Use simple language. (Another great Trumpish piece of advice)
Credible- Authority: “experts” and aspirational figures. Symbolism very important.
Emotional- Make ppl care. Invoke self interest and tell them whats in it for them. Appeal to identity.
Stories- Put it into a SHORT story with humor in it.


Pomegranate is good- has urolithin A which made mice live 50 percent longer(No idea on dosage)
Blueberries dont have much pterostilbene but WILD blueberries have tons of Anthocyanins so they ARE worth eating.
Elderberries have even more. Get the no sugar juice concentrate.
And make sure its sambucus nigra as the other kinds are poisonous- doubt they sell juice for those anyway but double check.



  1. I would like a boil-down of a good popsci book on motivation, please. The social anxiety insight is very important (a search brings this up here, “Peak”, “Winner Effect”, and the Alain de whatsit book–must be important!) and the Bakadesuyo post has a good list, but the material on this is not spergy enough for my taste yet. It’s mostly framing techniques, which work for spergs provided we have the conceptual backdrop.


    1. Have a book called “why we do what we do”. Should be just the thing. Unless you are interested in increasing motivation, which is something that I’ve got mostly squared(Happy music, motivating movies, affirmations, writing out goals, focus, exercise, proper sleep nutrition exercise, good relationships with other ppl, deciding to FEEL motivated, winner effect and momentum from breaking a task into a series of small wins)
      Will be a little while though, school is actually challenging atm.


      1. I picked up Drive by David something and it’s mostly what I wanted, though a bit longwinded for the ten or so concepts it presents. It hasn’t yet mentioned that man is a social animal, so I suspect it will prove woefully incomplete.


        1. That was one of the books I cut . Seems to be just like “start with why”(not gonna review- too basic bitch). Basically don’t rely on external rewards like money for your followers and yourself, actually give them purpose, status, praise- intrinsic shieet. Still, any notes you take while reading it would be appreciated.


          1. Probably will boil down, few ideas but important. And scienmagistic treatment of basic bitchism is good for thards.

            “Basic bitchism” = name of my self-help philosophy for overintellectualizing retards 😀


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