The Charisma Myth


Core Elements
Power: Having large amounts of money, expertise, intelligence, physical strength, or high social status. Show power through appearance, social skill, and body language.
Warmth: being perceived as benevolent, altruistic, caring, etc. (At least towards the group you want to see you as charismatic)
(MM- As a populist leader/brand, affirm that you are 100 percent on the side of your followers and that you will do everything to help them.
Then actually do it- provide solid value in whatever way matters most to your followers/customers.)
Presence: Doing well in-the-moment. Basically have solid fluid social skills and humor.

DO NOT show any physical or mental discomfort either verbally or through body language.
Have your mindset on point and have confident body language even if it feels wrong or you are uncomfortable.
Re-frame nervousness as excitement to do very well.
Body Language:
No crossed arms or legs, no fidgeting or self touching, no unnecessary movements, react to things with your body slowly,
keep chin slightly up, have good back posture.
Swing your arms slowly when walking (Watch a winner walk and you’ll see what I mean)
Working out makes good body posture and body language much easier.
Take up space and be still
Cut excessive head bobbing and “uh-huhs” or other reassurances. Eliminate “uhhhs” and other vocal ticks.

First impressions:
Keep the spotlight on the other person and make them feel good about themselves.
People like ppl who are like them. Find similarities with the other person.
Decide if a situation deserves a certain appearance or change in any aspect of presentation style.
Never interrupt people, and occasionally pause a second or two before you answer.
People associate you with the feelings you produce in them.
Avoid creating negative associations- don’t make them feel bad or wrong.

Difficult Situations:
When delivering bad news, get into a state of compassion. Show warmth and care in your timing, body language, and verbal language.
When delivering criticism, get into a state of goodwill. Focus the request for change on specific behaviors rather than on personal traits.

During a crisis:
Stay in a calm, confident internal state so that your emotional contagion effect is positive.
Express high expectations of people, and communicate your complete confidence in their ability to rise to the occasion.
Articulate a bold vision, show your confidence in your ability to realize that vision, and act decisively to achieve it.

To mitigate envy and resentment, reflect or transfer praise and glory. Highlight others who deserve praise and give people ownership of your success.


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