Deep Work

Deep Work- Creates new value, improves your skills, is hard to replicate. Demands distraction-free focus.
Shallow Work- Easily replicated, low value.
The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy.
Those who cultivate this skill and then make it the core of their working life will thrive.

Those that will thrive in the future:
The high-skilled workers who can focus and do deep work, the superstars, and the owners.
Needed for the new economy:
1. The ability to quickly master hard skills and learn new skills.
2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed.
Both depend on deep work.

Use Deliberate Practice to learn skills.

Distractions kill work, multitasking is a lie, and switching tasks is inefficient.
To produce at your peak level, work for extended periods with full concentration on a single task free from distraction.

What you focus on and what you ignore defines the quality of your life
If you avoid the deep and give in to the shallow you inevitably find yourself full of anxiety, regret, and worry.
Wasting time on stupid entertainment makes you feel worse, not better.
Deep work will make you feel better, give you FLOW, and will lead to wins that boost your dopamine and testosterone literally giving you a natural high.
(The Winner Effect aka MOMENTUM!)

Rule 1- Work Deeply
Eliminate all distractions.
Add routines and rituals to minimize the amount of willpower necessary to achieve unbroken concentration.
The philosophies of deep work scheduling:
Monastic- maximize deep efforts by eliminating or radically minimizing shallow obligations
Bimodal- divide your time, dedicating some clearly defined stretches to deep pursuits and leaving the rest open to everything else.
(Both of these are recommended in The One Thing)
I left out the other philosophies because they were shit lol.

Rule 2- Embrace Boredom
If you get bored, don’t give in to distractions! Your mind is a muscle that must be trained.
Give yourself undistracted down time to think about the big picture of what you are going to do in life.
Have a morning routine, exercise, sleep schedule you do not break, sessions of deep work on a single task.

Rule 3- Quit Social Media
MM: Just do it. I deleted mine years ago and it was one of the greatest things I have yet done for mood and productivity.
Exception if you already have a brand and do not have to put in work to get followers. Still, just use it how Trump would (To distract or re-assure followers).
(“Building up” a social media from scratch is only for those who are so pathetic they LIVE on that platform for 2+ years. Think Bigger!)

Rule 4- Drain the Shallows
Very few average people work even 8 hours a day.
They are lucky if they get a few good hours in between all the meetings, interruptions, web surfing, office politics, and bullshit that permeate the typical workday.
Consistently getting a full 4 hours of Deep Work a day is a massive accomplishment. A newb can usually only muster 1 hour and has to build up their tolerance.
In the long run, shoot to attain as much deep work as mentally possible in your typical day.

Schedule every minute of your day!
If your schedule is disrupted, take a few minutes to create a revised schedule for the time that remains in the day ASAP.
Start with your deepest and most difficult work (Eat That Frog!)
Become hard to reach, if ppl are distracting you (And they will be for sure when you reach a high level).



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