Status Anxiety

Everyone wants both sexual love and to be loved by the world.
The impact of low status is more in the challenge that it poses to one’s sense of self-respect than the material effects (At least in the modern world).
Ppl will go through hell to be admired and accepted by others.
Being ignored drives people to rage and despair.
People rely on the attention of others to affirm their own value.
The outside world and your place in the social hierarchy defines your self-image. (IMO this can be overcome by mindset training. Of course if you do not change the reality of your life and raise your status then your subconscious will want to align you with your reality and give you a scarcity mindset.)

Reference group= a set of people you believe resemble you. Seeing ppl in this group doing better than you can lead to anxiety and resentment.
Its the proximity, not the proportion, of perceive status inequality that bothers ppl. The higher someone’s status is in proportion to yours the less they instill a feeling of lacking as they are seen as being in a different group from you. The more someone is your equal, the more there is to envy.
For most of human history inequality has been assumed, and people were born into their position. With the rise in the belief in equality and democracy, status has come to be seen differently: If we are all equal, then the reason why you are not high status is because you are a fundamentally worse person than the people with status- you are lazy, immoral, etc.

The modern stories: (Left out the old ones, highly recommend the book!)
1. The rich are the useful ones.
2. Status has a moral component.
3. The poor owe their poverty to their own stupidity.

Snob= someone who believes there is a perfect equation between social rank and human worth.

Status in the modern world is based primarily on achievement, but it is unpredictable.
Talent–Can become outdated, you fall from your prime
Dependence on an employer
Dependence on the global economy

A worker’s status is never guaranteed!

Solutions from Philosophy:

Basically “Try your best not to care about status and what other people think”

Remember that it is your actual moral choices that matter most. Yes, trade-offs must be made but there is a bottom line here- WHY are you living your life!?! If you live a life doing nothing but chasing status you will be a shell of a human surrounded by ppl who do not give a shit about you.

Solutions from Art

All of art, especially satire and comedy.
(MM- Its amazing how ineffective art has been in changing people’s actual actions in regards to challenges to the modern perception of status. Yeah ppl will laugh at a George Carlin skit about how dumb they are for going into massive debt to buy crap they don’t need- but few ppl are actually changing behavior!)

Solutions from Politics

Any idea can be changed in the mind of the public if the proper methods are used.

Just look how many things have changed in the last 10 years. I wonder how long until the cultural marxists try to really sell Pedophilia?
“Don’t be pedophobic!”
Anyway, the same tactics can be used for the good, though I do not have ample understanding of them to really lay out how at the moment…

Solutions from Religion.
The most promising solution. The christian religion is the only reason we have ANY conception of money and status not being the end-all of PURPOSE. If it worked in the past it should work for the future! It’ll take a while for Western Civilization to become fully religious again considering the turmoil it is in right now, but I’m pretty certain in the long run humans simply cannot operate without a wholesome religion.



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