More Advice From YouTube Success Channels

See part one HERE

Lots more advice from popular (As well as obscure) youtube channels, mostly to do with game and building connection with people in general, and some other random stuff thrown in for good measure. All health advice is from Thomas DeLauer’s channel (Same advice as Rhonda Patrick on the important stuff with useful new details). Other than that, I have no clue where any singular piece of advice came from, and tbh it doesn’t matter. I don’t want you to go waste your time watching a dozen+ hours of youtube self improvement vids when all the important stuff is right here. Make sure to use at least the best of this stuff in your life!

High protein, fat, and FIBER! for breakfast. Biggest meal of day (Dinner smallest).
Those that keep their kitchen and fridge clean make better food choices
(Organization+ lowering cortisol from less mess. YES mess increases cortisol).
Cook your own food!
Eat a pack of broccoli (one big stalk) DAILY. 1/2 in morning 1/2 at night.
Take Magnesium, D3, zinc with food! (Dont take zinc with any diary- calcium shits it up)
Fish oil best with meal but can take whenever since it has some fat in it.
Never take Tylenol, NSAIDs, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen.
Oh yeah, alcohol is shit for you so don’t drink it.
Avocado oil is good stuff. Sat fat is fine, just get the mono unsaturated fats too (eat avocados/guac and take fish/krill oil etc).
Monounsaturated fats (omega 7/9) reduce inflammation. Omega 3s can do same/ great for brain. Omega 6 (Peanut and vegetable oil) is shit.
Omega 6 prevents omega 3 from doing much of its good so you MUST cut out the vegetable oils and fried shit.
If you gotta truly fry something use saturated fats. Yup, beef fat or butter. Swag. Of course don’t do that much, just in case.
Sugar is especially bad because it makes you crave other things (And changes your dopamine receptors! Hurts willpower!).
Sugar is the fucking devil no joke. Bananas, sweet potatoes, blueberries(and other berries), and dark chocolate are basically only sweet things that are healthy to eat bruh.
No dairy except butter (Casien protein has SAME structure as glutin!), no soy (soy sauce is fine), no flax, no whey protein or any non-REAL FOOD.
EAT LOADS OF BROCCOLI TO GET RID OF ESTROGEN (Especially in the evening). Very important to lower estrogen to lose belly fat.

Note from a 26 year old girl before she died from degenerative disease(highlights):

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! Give, give, give! And give some more. Towards those you care about and towards what truly matters.
Value other people’s time.
Use your money on experiences.
Life isn’t meant to be lived through a screen.

Crisis management: go live on alt media everywhere and GO HARD COUNTER MESSAGING. Live stream 24/, go on everyone’s shows.

Here’s a date idea- go to the fuckxing BEACH. Bitches love beaches.

The 5 love languages
Words of affirmation
Quality time
Physical touch
Acts of service

I put in order I personally find most important.
Do all, but take note what she likes best.

Catching a liar:
Look for inconsistencies
Gauge baseline behavior, look for changes from this
Look for too much detail in their story
Ask MANY questions

Never forget how important the halo effect is!
Always look your best- and have the things associated with you do the same
(Not talking status symbols necessarily here- simply making shit look good works)

Insecurity is your brain’s way of telling you:
1. Its not sure of its ability to complete a task
2. It thinks it is moving in the wrong direction
3. It is afraid it might lose what it already has.
Insecurity is a message that you have something that needs to be improved.
Use insecurity to know what to fix and to provide motivation to do things
(“eat better or you will get fatter and diseased” Just as important as positive motivation.)

People judge you most on how you make them FEEL.

Mirroring in all forms especially body language
Flattery, done right and for a thing the recipient cares deeply about. Make it sincere, but it always works a little tbh.
Reciprocity- give what you want to get. Also gifts and favors to make them feel indebted.
Prime them to be open for the request (Change and optimize everything about the environment)
Scarcity- obv.
Social proof. Status. What your neighbor is doing/thinks, etc. Most powerful imo.
Authority. Make it seem like you are an expert, have confidence, and trustworthy.
Exposure- the more familiar something is the more it is liked (IE for someone to love you they must see you fairly often)

Keeping a convo going:
Taking something they have said, or something in the surrounding environment
and talking about how it reminds you of something.
Ask open ended questions. Simply asking “why” is a great option?
Ask about plans for the future.
Make a cold read “You like you are into x”.
Ask for advice or an opinion on something.

Use everything said as a bridge to something else (Or just get more detail)
When, where, how, and with who are basic essential expansion questions (especially for when girls talk about boring shit).

If she’s not opening up (giving one or two word answers) then make a long statement about something and then ask a question.
Then keep it going with all the other stuff.

Most girls are primary emotional. So get her to talk about things she feels strongly about.
Goal is to build depth not just keep things going.

Remove filler words, speak clearly and moderately slowly, don’t speak quietly, dont “uptalk”, don’t kiss ass.
Know when to end the convo or when she just doesn’t want to talk.

Prime yourself for positive emotion in the morning (habits+music) as well as other time periods.
High energy music!

Important success insight
1. Delay gratification!
2. Every action you take counts!
3. Adapt or fail. Things change, and you need to understand what is happening and act quickly.
4. Say NO to most things, and YES to the few things that really matter.

Girls are usually pretty easy to impress tbh. Just do more fun shit with her. Gifts don’t have to be expensive.
Use compliments on her after you get to know her and she actually gives a shit
“Hey, lets hang out today”.(Text or said). Instant date, not planned out. Good with young girls who can’t plan shit out.

Boots are the shit yeee.
LAYERS. Get a couple nice ass jackets.
Jackets should not be too long at waist or wrists. Very important for right look.
Stylish leather jacket+ nice shirt+ nice fitting jeans. Great combo. Even without the jacket or just a nice fitting T.

Starting convos:
Keep casual at first (judge how open she is, then go as fast as you think you can towards depth)
Talk about something in your environment or the place you two are at.
Don’t ask dead end questions.
Ask about work, mutual friends.
Figure out their passions/ what’s most important to them. Throw shit out- see what sticks(What they care about most!)
^Now you know something you can talk to them about.

If you knew something about them already, start a conversation on a topic of mutual interest.
You can also ask someone you know at least ok if there is anything on their mind.
Bringing up things ppl have mentioned in the past is a great way to build connection (Shows you listened).

Figuring out any points of similarity also will open up convo topics between you.

Finding similarity:

My interests(Throw out LIGHT bait for each of these topics, see how they react):
Politics- Test question goes here
“Conspiracy theories”- Test question goes here
Life purpose-
Immediate life goals-
Good quality memes/humor (Test multiple things)-
Cuckedness (Test later on, so you know it is morel likely not to be a PC answer. Think carefully how to do this)
Philosophy (SO many beliefs to test here.)
Materialism/ meaning

And many more to think of!

Need to be relaxed, confident, good posture/body language, and in a good mood/smiling (in order of importance imo).

Approach broken down autistically in order of what to do:
-Eye contact made
-Open. From as simple to “Hi, I’m X” to whatever game thing you want to try.
-Keep discussion light, fun,and non-threatening until it is clear she is at least a little interested.
-If she is, throw in flirting and telegraph your interest more strongly
-Build depth (Talk about her and try to get to more meaningful topics)
-Go for as long as you can and get as far as you can into knowing her in the circumstances available.
-Set up a date or at least get her number.

As far as I can tell, that’s it. Will update this at some point.

First Date (For a quality girl not a sloot):
Be normal (But not boring). Its the first real date bruh.
Be on time.
Dress well.
Go someplace fairly normal (Again it’s just the first date). A meal+an activity.
Don’t tell her exactly what you two will be doing.
Compliment her on something she cares about (You should know what this is by now)
Deep dive- ask about her family, past, interests, goals.
Goal of the date is to get to know as much as possible while both of you have fun.
Be PREPARED with your questions, topics, etc. to minimize awkward silences.
Kiss her. Or don’t (IDGAF). But know when to, and don’t do it when the moment is gone bruh.
Get the second date- If she is a good prospect then call her within 48 hours and set up next date
(Honestly she will be most positive about you the day after- if you did things right- so just do it then)
Keep in touch with her. Call or text every few days.

Basic bitch questions
Where do you work?

And so on (May want to come up with interesting ways to ask basic questions so do list them all at some point, future MM)

Interesting questions (Still sort of basic bitch but great to ask one of these if you run out of things to say):
Her responses to some of these questions can tell you alot about her.
1. If you could take only 3 items with you to a deserted island what would they be?
2. If you had to live without one of your senses which one would you give up?
3. What animal best represents you and why? (OH god fn spirit animal. I’m keeping this question tho)
4. If you had a superpower what would it be.
5. If you could live in a book, movie, or other fictional universe which one would it be?
6. What would you choose as your last meal ever?
7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
8. If your house was burning and you could save only one item what would it be and why?
9. If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
10. What historical era would you travel back to if you could? Why?

Screening questions (Pay attention how she reacts to these- will likely tell you if she’s right for you)
1. What’s the craziest, most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
2. Would you rather live in the city or in the woods?
3. If I gave you 1000 dollars right now what would you do with it?
4. When’s the first time you broke the law.
5. What’s you favorite holiday?
6. What’s your ideal date? (This will tell you the sort of stuff she enjoys)
7. What’s one of your secrets that I don’t know yet.
8. If you could take a two week vacation anywhere where would you go?

EVEN MORE QUESTIONS(Great list to pull from for dates, screening, all around):
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
What’s your favorite restaurant?
What activity/hobby makes you the happiest? (Deeper version: “What makes you happiest in life?”)
What’s your favorite movie?
What are your biggest pet peeves?
Do you have any allergies?
Do you think of yourself as an introvert or extrovert?
Would you skydive, bungee-jump, or do anything else like that?
Who is your best friend?
Describe your perfect day.
How do you define success in life?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
(Later on in relationship) What can I do to most help you in your life?
Which of my friends is your favorite?
(After a few dates so you two are official) What’s a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?
What’s something you want us to do together that we haven’t done yet?
How are you feeling?
(^use often. You could ask this every day tbh, but every few days is prob about right, depending on what’s going on)
What’s your favorite thing we do together?
Is there anything you want to ask me?
How do you like to celebrate when you are excited/proud?
How do you most enjoy celebrating your birthday?
When you’re stressed, what do you do to relax?
What do you like most about me?
(Later on, like a couple months) Do you want kids?
What is your mom and dad’s relationship like?
What’s the sexiest thing I do?
Do you think we spend enough time together? Too much?
Do you want to know what I love most about you?
Do you have any debt?
How can I help you when you’re sad?
What’s the easiest way to make you very angry?
What are the best things to do to show you I love you? (Shit man we’re gettin pretty sappy here. But good question tbh)
How do you tend to show love for others?
What’s something too serious to be joked about?
How much sex do you like to have? (Good question to ask, but honestly do it all the time m8)

More things to find out about her:
(You can use observation to determine these, or just ask her once you get close enough)
What stresses her out the most?
(Lol that’s all I can think of. Add more when you are compiling this post, future MM)

Open Questions (Collect MANY more in the future, these are KEY to building connection with someone by building off what they say)

WHY did you do x?
How did X make you feel?

Nonverbal flirting.

Move your eyes slowly from one thing to the next. Jerky eye movements show nervousness.
Get closer to the girl to show intimacy. Sit next to her on a date. Make sure you aren’t too far away from her, its weird/shows low confidence.
Touch her on upper arm, shoulder, or small of back (A little more intimate)
Best time to touch is right when she is experiencing alot of positive emotion(laughing at a joke of yours or something) not out of the blue.
The closer your whole body is when you touch her the better (awkward af to touch her from a long distance)
Point your feet and body towards her.

Verbal Flirting

Rule 1- Show your attraction/intent right from start!(Reciprocity!). Of course, this doesn’t mean “direct game” at all.
Doesn’t matter what you say if you don’t say it in a way that shows your interest in her.

Subtle/ indirect communication (Speaking “Womanese”)-

Hint that you like her indirectly. Goal is to make the communication INTERESTING and EXCITING instead of straightforward and boring.


Standard “Agree and amplify” to shit tests.

Framing yourself as the Prize-

Twist her words around in a fun way to frame things as her pursuing you.

Her- “I really like this bra”
You- “Are you trying to make me picture you naked?”

Even more flirting info

5 flirting styles (Take note of which styles and techniques she uses most):
Physical- Expressing attraction primarily through touch
Traditional- Shy, modest, reserved. Will show wrists and palms more.
Sincere- Girls will smile and laugh more and give the “coy gaze” and focused attention.
Polite- Very respectful and hands off. Even verbal tone. Hard to detect (User of this style is trying to build trust).
Playful- Compliments, BODY LANGUAGE, etc. You know this style as it is very common nowadays.
Teasing is a great way to flirt, duh.
Ambiguous compliments and statements are great for flirting.

Attributes of a man that good women find attractive.
CONFIDENCE (Don’t be arrogant though, even if its just because you don’t want to build a bad habit)
Similarity to her in terms of opinions, likes/dislikes, etc.
Status (Social, financial, etc.)
Listening skills
Being well dressed (Fit, style, and status)
Doing interesting things

Signs that she is attracted:
She starts speaking faster or in a higher pitched tone.
Flirtatious touching (Hands, playful shoves, any deliberate intimate contact)
Intense eye contact
Her smile is real (Has crow’s feet around eyes)
Flirting body language (Ive got this all somewhere else)
Not trying to hide hands
She acts overly courteous with you compared to others.
Talks alot (Isn’t bored!)

Date ideas:
Go out in nature- many ideas
Tourist in your own home town and all those ideas.
The two of you cook something crazy together.
Go out date and act like you just met.

If she texts you back one word or short answers she might not give af about you. You can figure it out.
Text within 24 hours of meeting her
Send her some interesting shit (Or something to screen her with).
No pointless texts. Set up a date or have fun, don’t waste both of yall’s time.
Don’t text her alot. If she is at home and you’ve been texting then just call her bro.

Things to do for your girlfriend:
Call or text her spontaneously if she likes that shit
Exciting date.
A trip. Short or long.
Notice when she has deliberately changed something about herself/look.
Compliment non-look related soul shit when appropriate.
Continue to flirt with her like in the beginning of relationship.
Do something she wants to do that you aren’t too enthusiastic about (That isn’t stupid as hell).
Surprise her with something you know she likes.
Spend more time together and deep dive as much as possible.
Get to know the members of her social circle well, then do the same for family once you think she has alot of potential.
Have sex all the time.


Learn to make correct decisions quickly. Women hate unassertive men.
Deliberate practice is the most important thing for any skill. Get more actual practice with girls!
Fucking have motherfucking VALUE! Status, looks/style, confidence, accomplishments, energy/momentum/focus!
In general, don’t keep silences going longer than 4 seconds.
“How to handle other guys hitting on your girl?” In general, do nothing but act high value. Actually have more value then him, watch how she acts-
if she wants to show you she is a piece of shit LET her. It’ll save you trouble (Don’t mistake a nice girl being nice with flirting tho).
Don’t mirror ppl’s body language too closely (Do things similar to what they do, not the exact same thing all the time. Common sense!)
Use your common sense and attention to know when to talk and flirt with a girl. IE if she is busy or in a bad mood it isn’t the best time
(still doable, just not ideal).
Women usually get their boyfriends “friend approved” so don’t be dick to them unless they deserve it
(BTW- If her friends are shit, she is shit. You are who you hang out with.)

Going to places you actually enjoy being to meet women will help you to find one that is your type.

Things not to do:
Don’t use a shitty indirect opener like asking the time or some other bs.
Don’t tolerate her shit behavior
Don’t shower her in gifts to try to make her love you.
Don’t try to save her from every little conflict she faces.
No other basic bitch beta stuff



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