50 of the Greatest Lessons From GUTOW


-Cut ALL distractions from your life. The bigger your goal, the more you MUST cut!
-Increase your energy as much as possible.
Frequent high intensity cardio, full sleep, good diet, vitamins, weight lifting, and quality relationships.
-Do your most important things first, in order of importance from greatest to least throughout the day
(Exceptions for things that can be done immediately once they come up and will not throw off your schedule)
-Maintain your momentum by never “breaking the chain”. Take daily action towards your goals.
-Take extreme ownership of your life. If you want something to happen, YOU make it happen!
-Have as much clarity in your planning as possible. Know exactly what you want and how to get it. Clarity breeds Focus.
-Make things as simple as possible, within reason. Simplicity breeds Focus.
-Do not consume needless negative information. Write down the lessons from important negative art and seldom revisit it.
-Use areas dedicated to a task for ONLY that thing.
IE- do not entertain yourself where you work. Do not work where you sleep.
-Take your notebook/schedule wherever you go. If you have to make it pocket sized, do so.
-Stick to your routines, even on weekends, holidays, and vacations.
-There is no path besides discipline. Discipline=Freedom.
-The majority of happiness comes from relationships with other people.
Invest in your social support network- friends, family, and peers. Especially during tough times.
-Get your to-do’s out of your head and onto one document. Then schedule WHEN you will do these things.
-Schedule everything. Build in buffer time, and anything else you want.
Get as far-ahead of schedule as possible. DO NOT give up on scheduling- keep trying until it works.
-Goal pursuit gives you positive emotion. Doing shit FEELS good!
-Do what you do best, and delegate the rest (Whenever possible).
-Keep your surroundings, files, computer, refrigerator, and everything else organized effectively
-Break a task into subtasks when needed.
-Keep things simple and explicit. Know the when, where, why, and how of what you are doing.
-Look your best, look like a success.
-Eat a healthy diet. In short: meat, veggies, bananas, butter, and spices.
-Save and invest as much as you can. I recommend index funds, as few can beat the market.
-Never buy a new car (Unless you are ok with wasting money…)
-Do not balloon your spending to your earnings. Money is supposed to be a tool for the good, not something that enslaves you.
-Do not let you victories make you arrogant. Especially if you are a leader.
-Lead by example. Take full responsibility for your success and your team’s success. Do everything your men will do and MORE.
-As a leader, visit the front (wherever the action of the endeavor is) and talk to the ground troops to find out the truth.
-RESULTS are the judge and jury on your leadership ability!
-Prepare yourself and others so thoroughly that, when a decision must be made, it can be made immediately!
-Never give up Momentum!
-People judge you most on how you make them feel!
-People are primarily interested in themselves, not in you.
Ask them questions, make statements, make them feel important, and build DEPTH!
Listen, and seek similarity. Ask them to tell you more.
Be interested in them. Talk a good deal more about them than yourself.
-Speak both to someone’s morality and their self-interest when influencing them.
-Choose who you surround yourself with very carefully, they will make you who you are.
-In a romantic relationship, make sure you can accept you partner “as is”. They are unlikely to change.
-Game, in as simple terms as can be stated:
Get in great shape
Dress well
Become a great conversationalist
Build wealth and power
-Be the kind of man the type of woman you like is looking for.
-Teach your kids this stuff! Actually prepare them for life!!!
-Speak through third parties to persuade. You really can’t over-do this.
-Learn from the truly greats before you learn from your competition.
-Tell the truth (but don’t be a martyr when it won’t count). Face the truth now, or suffer later.
-Remember how what you are doing fits into the world/ contributes to what matters to you.
-Live for a grand purpose far more important than yourself.
-You rid the world of evil first by eliminating evil from your own actions.
-Make everything as TRULY good as it possibly can be for everyone.
Aim as high as you possibly can- the most important thing imaginable to bring forth into the world.
-Move into the world in the appropriate manner, regardless of the circumstances at hand!
-Be forever grateful for life, no matter what. Things could be so much worse for you. You have so much good in your life.
-In the end, all that matters is taking proper action and having meaningful relationships with others.



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